What's Included?

When you rent an office at Chadburn House you get a whole lot of extras included in the monthly rental. Making it easier for you to run your business and manage your cashflow.

Included in the monthly rent is:


1Mb per office for you to use. Extra wifi is available if you want/need more, but we find 1Mb is enough for most businesses within the centre.

Water & Sewage

Included every month, no mater how much you use.

Building Insurance

We insurance the building, so you don’t need to. You may want to consider contents insurance for your office and your possessions within it.

Office Decoration

The decoration of your office is done. with clean walls and carpet, your new office is ready to move it straight away.


Incoming mail is collected at reception and placed in your cubby hole, ready to collect when you are. Outgoing mail services are available in the extras. (See below)

Business Rates

The business rates for the premises and your offices are included in your monthly rent.


No matter the weather your heating is include. So no unexpected bills.

Lighting & Power

Your usage of electricity and lighting is included in your rent. So matter how much you use, you never get an extra bill from us.


The cleaning of the common areas in the building is included. You will need to clean your own office though.

Building repairs and maintenance

If anything happens to the fabric of the building then we will repair it. Also the general up keep of the building is also covered in your rent. There are no additional annual maintenance fees here.


The use of our manned reception and waiting area is included. For you to use and your guests. Giving a professional first impression.

Toilets and Kitchen

Use of toilets and the kitchen facilities are available to you and your staff. We’ll make sure they remain clean. The kitchen comes with use of kettle, microwave and fridge for your convenience.

Additional Extras

For a small fee here a few other additional items available to you, when you rent an office with us.

Parcel Collection

Arrangements can be made for us to take collection of your parcels if you are not available or don’t wish t be disturbed


You may use our franking machine as and when you have post to post. This saves you looking for a post box or post office later in the day.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is available for rent, either short team or long term. 

Car Parking

Your own private space Is available to rent in our private car park on Brunts Street.


If you need more than 1Mb of bandwidth, then you can purchase extra. The building has nearly 70mb to share, so let us know if you require more.

Phone - Voip

We have introduced within the building the Voipfone Telephone System which is considerably cheaper than our existing landline system. A package can be purchased to suit your business and level of calls. Ask for more details.

Faxing Photocopying

Is available as and when you need it. ask at reception and they’ll be able to help you.

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