Moving offices timetable

Follow this moving offices timetable to make your office move as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Moving into a new office can be the start of an exciting new phase in your business’s development. However, over three-quarters (78%) of business owners and managers delay moving to new premises because of the potential pitfalls, according to […]

Transform your business with superfast broadband at Chadburn House

A slow, unreliable internet connection can be very frustrating, especially when you have a deadline to meet. If you’re looking to rent a serviced office in Mansfield, the availability of a reliable, high-speed internet connection is very important, because cloud-based backup systems and applications, as well as fast online communications, are becoming essential for every […]

The benefits of renting a Mansfield-based office in a historic building

Mansfield’s rich history is reflected in the older buildings dotted around the town. Some of these buildings have been sympathetically restored and converted into office buildings. Renting a Mansfield-based office in a historic building with a modern interior gives you the best of both worlds. Historic buildings are filled with character and interesting architectural features, […]

Why rent offices in Mansfield instead of buying?

Property tends to increase in value over time, so many people choose to buy rather than rent their homes. By contrast, many businesses, including well-established ones, decide to rent offices in Mansfield, rather than buy. Buying an office may or may not be a good proposition for your business at its current stage of development. […]

Where to rent managed workspace in Mansfield

Renting managed workspace is an easy way to base your business in Mansfield. In return for a reasonable monthly rent, most, if not all, of the services and facilities your business needs will be provided in the building. However, it’s important to rent managed workspace in a location that suits your business. Here are some […]

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