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Chadburn House was built around the 1930’s to accommodate the growing number of personnel employed by the Mansfield Brewery Company.  It’s original footplate was very much smaller than what we see today.  The earliest parts of the building front Littleworth and the corner of Weighbridge Road and the Art Deco (marble and brass) staircase of this portion of the building still remains.  The Chairman of the brewery would have had excellent views over the “comings and goings” of staff and deliveries into and out of the cobbled brewery yard which now serves as a car park for our conference delegates.

Art Deco Staircase          Art Deco Staircase detail

From this period and up until the 1980’s additions were made to the buildings to bring it up to its current size.  The cellars underneath Chadburn House reception area were used for bottling spirits in the 1950’s hence the vaulted ceilings.  Some of the offices facing onto the brewery yard were originally garages used for the Chairman & Managing Director’s cars.  These garages were then turned into offices, one being the wages office where workmen would collect their weekly wage through a window.

Chadburn House got it’s name from the long line of the Chadburn family who were involved in the brewery up until it’s closure in 2000.   When the brewery built new offices adjacent to Water Meadows Leisure complex in the early 1990’s the old office block (Chadburn House) was left virtually empty until it was purchased by The Making it Industrial Heritage Trust and refurbished in 1996/7 to house managed workspace.