Transform your business with superfast broadband at Chadburn House

A slow, unreliable internet connection can be very frustrating, especially when you have a deadline to meet. If you’re looking to rent a serviced office in Mansfield, the availability of a reliable, high-speed internet connection is very important, because cloud-based backup systems and applications, as well as fast online communications, are becoming essential for every business in an increasingly global marketplace.

Chadburn House has recently upgraded its broadband internet connection to a download speed of 50-70 megabits per second (mbps). This is more than twice the speed of 24mbps that is defined as ‘superfast’ by the government.*

Access to 1 megabyte (MB) of dedicated fibre optic broadband is now included in the monthly rent for all serviced offices at Chadburn House. This is more than adequate for most small to medium-sized businesses. However, if your business requires extra bandwidth, it is offered at a very reasonable price of £30 per month.

In addition, WiFi is available, free of charge, throughout the building, so you, your employees and guests can connect to the internet during a presentation in a conference room, check email during a break from a training course or share information over a coffee.

BT is Chadburn House’s new business broadband provider

Chadburn House selected BT as its new business broadband provider because it offers the best service and value. BT was named the ‘Best Business Broadband’ supplier at the awards in 2016.

BT is on standby to provide technical support on a 24/7 basis and priority fault repair.

The benefits of superfast broadband for businesses

A superfast broadband connection brings many benefits for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, including:

  • Greater efficiency in the management and operations of your business
  • The ability to provide a consistently high level of customer service
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved internal and external communications
  • Marketing your business online quickly, easily and cost-effectively
  • Delivering projects as rapidly and efficiently as possible
  • Sharing and collaborating on documents
  • Updating software faster
  • Ordering supplies online without websites buffering
  • Widening your business’s geographical reach
  • Making it possible to offer new products and services online to a worldwide audience
  • Helping your business expand and create new jobs

More efficient business management and operations

Cloud-based applications enable you to manage and operate your business with greater efficiency, but a fast, reliable and secure internet connection is needed to access and use these applications whenever you need to.

Choose from a wide assortment of cloud-based solutions, including accounting and invoicing packages, marketing automation apps and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Fast internet connectivity can also help you manage your online customer services operations more efficiently, allowing you to respond quickly to questions and feedback, and to process returns in the fastest time possible, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging positive feedback and testimonials.

Enhanced security and minimal downtime

If you back up all your files by saving them on the cloud, it won’t be a disaster if your server fails. Also, work doesn’t need to stop while it is being fixed. This gives you peace of mind and makes downtime during a server or computer failure a thing of the past.

Better communication

A high-speed broadband connection makes it easier to keep in touch with home-based workers, contractors working on client sites and employees travelling from one client to another. These people will also be able to access all your business’s files and information whenever they need to, wherever they are.

Communicating using Voice over IP (VoIP) is less expensive and more reliable than using mobile phones but a high-speed internet connection is required. If you’d like to use cost-effective Voipfone cloud-based telephone services in your office at Chadburn House, you’ll just need to purchase a router. This also allows you to share your internet connection within your office. 

Marketing your business online

Using a fast internet connection, you can market your business online more quickly, easily and cost-effectively by:

  • maintaining and updating your website and blog
  • posting regularly on your business’s social media pages
  • uploading photos, images and videos without any problems
  • setting up, writing and sending e-newsletters, e-mail marketing campaigns and other forms of digital marketing
  • managing subscribers, monitoring click-through rates and analytics, and keeping track of responses
  • managing online sales and bookings, and easily processing payments online.

Delivering projects on-time

If you own a printing or website design business, a superfast and reliable internet connection enables you to send high-resolution images to your customers for approval. These are large files which can be difficult or impossible to send using a slower internet connection.

If your business is in another sector, it may be necessary to send larger files on a regular or occasional basis. A fast internet connection makes this a quick and effortless task.

Overall, this improves communication with your customers and makes it easier to meet your deadlines, enhancing your business’s overall image in the marketplace.

Sharing and collaborating on documents

If you have a fast, secure internet connection, you can use cloud-based applications such as Google Drive, which enables you to share files securely with anyone in the world.

You can quickly share and collaborate on documents, technical drawings, spreadsheets and presentations with suppliers, customers and associates, even if they’re based overseas.

You could collaborate on the design of your latest logo with a branding consultancy based in another part of the UK in the morning and collaborate on a presentation with an associate in New Zealand in the evening.

Expanding Your Business

Superfast broadband can help you expand your business, giving you the ability to create and maintain multiple websites targeting different markets worldwide.

You can also launch products and services and sell them online to international audiences, processing electronic payments in a variety of currencies securely and quickly.

A reliable and resilient superfast business broadband connection can improve your business in many ways. It can also save time, giving you more time to develop and grow your business. 


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