The benefits of renting a Mansfield-based office in a historic building

Mansfield’s rich history is reflected in the older buildings dotted around the town. Some of these buildings have been sympathetically restored and converted into office buildings.

Renting a Mansfield-based office in a historic building with a modern interior gives you the best of both worlds. Historic buildings are filled with character and interesting architectural features, making them much more attractive than modern, purpose-built office buildings.

Here are some benefits of renting an office in a historic building in Mansfield.

A sense of character in the building

A historic building in which original architectural features have been preserved has a strong sense of character. There may be a quirky layout, with narrow, winding corridors and steps down to kitchens and storage rooms.

The offices themselves may not be square or rectangular. Instead, they may be curved to accommodate the original features of the building. Top floor offices may be situated in attic rooms with beamed, sloping ceilings.

Ceilings tend to be high in older buildings, giving offices and communal spaces a light and airy atmosphere. In larger offices, there may be dual aspect windows, letting in a lot of light and providing two different views for the office’s occupants.

This contrasts with a modern, purpose-built office building, which can often lack character. It may be rectangular with harsh angles and sheet glass windows on the outside and long, straight, narrow corridors on the inside.

In a modern building, the layout usually offers no surprises and each office could be described as ‘box-like,’ being either square or rectangular.

Better use of natural light

Buildings built before the invention of electricity or before artificial light was commonly used made better use of natural light to illuminate daytime working. Such older buildings may have large windows, skylights and glass conservatories, all of which bring lots of natural light into the building.

By contrast, most modern office buildings are illuminated by artificial light, even during the daylight hours.

Exposure to as much natural light as possible helps people produce two important substances – melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates your body clock, enabling you to get enough sleep and digest food properly, while serotonin is a brain chemical that lifts your mood and helps guard against depression.

Studies have shown that it’s important to get as much natural light as possible, especially during the winter, so working in an older building with better natural lighting will help you and your employees to feel happier and healthier.

An easily recognisable location

If your office is based in an instantly-recognisable building that is a local landmark, your business will be easy to find. Local residents will direct your out-of-town visitors to the building quickly and easily.

Establish links with the community of Mansfield

If you rent an office in a building that has links with the history of the Mansfield, the building will be a talking point when you mention where your office is located.

Many local people will have memories of the building’s former use and may even have worked there before it was converted into offices. The building provides a focal point for older people to share their memories of its past with younger members of the community, thus revitalising the whole community.

This in turn helps your business to foster a strong sense of belonging to the community with its interesting history.

Renting an office in a historic building in Mansfield provides your business with an attractive base in which you and your employees will benefit from the abundance of natural light. In addition, it brings advantages for the community as a whole, enabling a historic building with a long heritage to find a new purpose and thrive in the modern world.

Chadburn House in Mansfield was the former offices for Mansfield Brewery which was situated behind. The building and offices themselves have many original features including a 1930’s staircase.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Chadburn House to take a look out our available offices, please get in touch.

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