Where to rent managed workspace in Mansfield

Renting managed workspace is an easy way to base your business in Mansfield. In return for a reasonable monthly rent, most, if not all, of the services and facilities your business needs will be provided in the building.

However, it’s important to rent managed workspace in a location that suits your business. Here are some questions to ask before deciding where to rent managed workspace in Mansfield.

What type of managed workspace do you need?

Several different types of managed workspace are available in Mansfield. These range from hot desks to your own office.

If you’re often away from your office, renting a hot desk is a good solution. You just pay for the time you use the desk. This can be as little as half a day or as long as a full working week. The choice is yours and the terms are extremely flexible.

If you’re launching a start-up or out-growing your home office but aren’t yet ready for the financial commitment of renting an office, why not rent a desk in a shared office? You’ll be able to work at the same desk each day and secure your valuable items in your own locked storage cabinet overnight. You’ll be working with other entrepreneurs in an inspiring and collaborative environment.

If you’re ready to rent an office solely for your business, renting a small serviced office is a good first step. If you sometimes work with one or more people, such as freelancers or temporary staff, choose an office that will be large enough to accommodate all your staff.

What would be the ideal location for your business?

From the town centre to business parks on the outskirts of town, there are several locations in which you can rent managed workspace in Mansfield.

It’s a good idea to spend some time considering the ideal location for your business.

Find out which amenities are nearby. If you’d like the convenience of being able to walk into the centre of Mansfield whenever you need to buy milk or run errands, a location in or near the town centre would be ideal.

In an out-of-town business park, there are fewer amenities on your doorstep. You and your employees would need to drive into the town centre and park, even for small errands. This would take time and patience. You’d need to pay for parking and there would be less time to relax at lunchtime.

Find out if there is an on-site café, a sandwich delivery service or kitchen facilities so that you could buy or prepare lunch. If not, you’d have to go out at lunchtime. This would take more time and be more expensive, especially if you had to drive into the town centre.

Is parking available?

Ask if one or more on-site car parking spaces are available. If so, are they included in the rent or is there an extra cost? Will there be sufficient on-site parking to meet your business’s needs for both employees and visitors?

If you travel to work by bike, find out if you can leave your bike securely in an on-site bike rack.

It may also be a good idea to be close to the train and bus stations in Mansfield, so that employees who don’t have cars or visitors who arrive by train can reach your business easily.

Does the ambiance in the building and the surrounding area suit your business?

The building and the surrounding area need to suit you and your business.

Would you prefer to be based in a completely modern, purpose built office building with sheet glass windows? Or, would you enjoy working in a refurbished older building with a modern interior, which retains elements of its history and character?

Would you like there to be a strong sense of community and collaboration within a larger building housing a variety of different businesses? Or, would you prefer a smaller building with fewer businesses and a quieter atmosphere?

Is it important for you to see pleasant views of the countryside from your window and go for quiet, relaxing walks at lunchtime? Or, do you prefer to be close to shops, cafes, restaurants, the market and the other amenities of the town centre?

Is the décor inside the building in tune with your tastes? Is there sufficient space in break-out areas, meeting rooms or an on-site cafe to meet clients or to exchange ideas and collaborate with other business owners?

Choose a building in which you’ll feel comfortable and be inspired to work productively and efficiently, so that your business will thrive.

The building and the surrounding environment will also form part of your business’s image, giving an impression of your business to visitors and potential clients.

Take this into account when deciding where to rent managed workspace. What kind of impression of the local area would visitors have before they stepped through the door? What would they think of the building?

The answers to these questions will help you to decide where to rent managed workspace in Mansfield.

If you find a location that meets your main requirements, you may realize that you need to compromise on some of your minor requirements. However, overall, your managed workspace should be a good fit for your business and reflect its vision and aspirations.


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