What should be included in your rented offices, Mansfield?

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Renting an office in Mansfield could be more expensive than you expect if there are several additional costs on top of the rent.

That’s why it’s important to find out in advance which services and facilities will be included in your rent. You’ll then be able to find out the prices of the extra services you’ll need so that you can calculate your total monthly expenses on office space.

When renting a serviced office, the following services and facilities are usually (but not always) included in the rent:

  • General reception services, including meeting and greeting visitors
  • Mail collection and storage
  • Call handling and message taking
  • WiFi (this may not be available throughout the building or it might not be fast enough for your business’s needs)
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Cleaning of communal areas in the building
  • Office cleaning
  • On-site security – this may include one or all the following: digital security locks on office doors, alarms and/or CCTV
  • 24-hour access to your office
  • Building maintenance
  • Building insurance
  • Kitchen facilities, including a fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle (shared with other businesses in building)
  • Toilets (shared with other businesses in the building).

In addition, the rent on a serviced office may or may not include the following:

  • A landline telephone with a direct-dial number.
  • Networking events at which you can meet other business owners.
  • Business seminars and workshops designed to help you grow your business.
  • Business coaching or mentoring to assist small business owners.
  • VAT is often added to and paid with the rent each month. If your business is not VAT registered, the payment of VAT will increase your business’s costs.
  • Business rates are usually included in the rent on a serviced office. However, it’s a good idea to check that this would definitely be the case. If business rates are excluded from the rent, you may qualify for small business rate relief if the rateable value of your office is below a certain level. You will have to apply for this from your local council.
  • WiFi is generally included in the rent for a serviced office and a standard broadband internet connection may also be part of the package, although you may need to pay an initial connection charge. If your business requires super-fast broadband, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay extra for this.
  • Some serviced offices can be rented either furnished or unfurnished. If you don’t already have desks, office chairs, filing cabinets and other furniture, renting a furnished office can be a good solution, although the rent is usually higher than for an unfurnished office.
  • On-site car parking may be free for a certain number of parking spaces per business or there may be an extra fee.

You’ll need to pay for some additional services whenever you require them. In most cases, the fees for the following services will be added to the monthly rent on your serviced office:

  • Printing and photocopying on a per-sheet basis
  • Receiving and sending faxes
  • Franking and posting mail on a per-item basis
  • Hiring a meeting or conference room on an hourly, half-daily or daily rate.

You and your employees may also benefit from other facilities available in the building, such as a café or canteen, a creche and a catering service. Extra charges will be made each time you use these facilities.

Each building offering serviced offices in Mansfield has different packages. Find out exactly what’s included in each package and decide which range of services and facilities would be most suitable for your business and budget. You’ll then be able to choose the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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