How to choose the right sized office in Mansfield, for you.


Before renting an office in Mansfield, it’s important to decide how much space you’ll need for your business.

For a serviced office, 65-75 square feet per person is usually required. You won’t need extra space for a reception, meeting rooms, break-out areas, kitchens, and toilets, because all these will be provided in the building.

For a non-serviced office, around 100 square feet per person is generally needed because you’ll have to provide communal areas as well as desk spaces.

In general, small-sized serviced offices are up to 150 square feet in area and are suitable for one or two people, while medium-sized offices, ranging from 150 to over 1,000 square feet, are suitable for between three and 13 or more people.

However, there are several other factors to consider before deciding on the right-sized office for you. Here are some questions to ask.

Are you planning to take on more people in the near future?

If you’re planning to take on more people soon, how many more people are you likely to need? Will they be temporary or permanent employees or contractors? Will they be in the office every day?

If you plan to hire several new employees who will be working from the office every day, it’s a good idea to rent a large enough office to accommodate all the additional people from the outset. This will mean that you avoid the disruption of moving offices again.

Also, if you’re planning to hire new people soon, consider your potential new office’s location. You’re likely to attract more candidates if you’re situated in a convenient location, close to local transport connections and the town centre. Find out if there are enough parking spaces available on-site or nearby for each of the new employees.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll be taking on more people, it might be a good idea to include some extra space, just in case you unexpectedly need a temporary person to cope with extra demand or a contractor to help with an urgent project.

Would hot desking be possible?

If some of your new employees won’t be in the office every day, would it be possible for them to hot desk when they are in the office?

Hot desking is a particularly good solution for salespeople who are often on the road and contractors working primarily at clients’ sites. This may mean, for example, that you need space for just 2 or 3 desks for a sales team of 5 or 6.

How much storage space will you need?

Decide exactly how much space is required to accommodate everything that needs to be stored in the office and available every day. This includes:

  • Paper files
  • Reference books
  • Stationery
  • Promotional items.

Estimate how many filing cabinets, bookcases, cupboards and other pieces of furniture you’d need to store all these items. Calculate the total area of these and add it to the total area of desk space.

Bear in mind that certain items that are not required daily can be archived and stored in an off-site storage facility. Or, you may be able to rent a store room or additional storage space in the same building as your office.

Do you need private office(s)?

Do you prefer an open-plan layout, or would you like the privacy of your own office? If one or more private offices are necessary or desired, you’ll need to rent an office with extra floor space so that some of it can be partitioned.

If you only need privacy occasionally, it might be more cost-effective to hire a meeting room for those occasions than to rent a larger office.

How suitable is the floor space?

When looking at potential offices, bear in mind that some offices may have areas that aren’t suitable for a desk and part of the office may be a long way from a window. This means that natural light will be restricted which isn’t good for morale and motivation.

In top floor offices, ceilings may be low, therefore desk space will be limited. You would also need to measure bookcases and other pieces of furniture to find out if they’d fit into the available space.

Look at the number and location of power points. Are there enough power points for all your electrical equipment? Are they situated at regular intervals throughout the office? Would they be close enough to every desk?

Before choosing the right-sized office in Mansfield for you, take some time to consider whether it would meet all your business’s needs both at present and in the foreseeable future.

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