Why hot desk in Mansfield?

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Hot desking can have psychological benefits for self-employed people, according to a survey carried out by Emergent Research. High proportions of respondents said they felt happier (89%), more motivated (84%), and less lonely (83%) since they started to hot desk in a co-working space.

Worldwide, the number of people working in co-working spaces is forecast to almost quadruple from 976,000 in 2016 to 3.8 million in 2020, according to Small Business Labs, a website that tracks trends affecting small businesses. **

Whether you live in or near Mansfield or are just in town for a meeting, here are some reasons to hot desk in Mansfield.

Hot desking vs working from home

Working from the same four walls of a home office can become boring and uninspiring. In addition, working on your own day in and day out can be a lonely experience, which, over time, can adversely affect your motivation, productivity and creativity.

One solution to these drawbacks of working from home is to hot desk. You’ll be working in an open plan office with other small business owners, and everything you need will be provided for you. All you need to do is bring your laptop.

If you sometimes work with another person, whether they are a part-time or temporary employee or a freelancer, hot desking can be a good solution if you don’t have enough space in your home office. You can rent two hot desks and work side-by-side on the days when you work together.

While hotdesking, you can hold informal meetings in the on-site café or hire the conference room for more formal meetings with clients.

Hot desking after a meeting

If you have an early morning meeting in Mansfield, why not hot desk for the rest of the day?

Rather than taking the time to travel back to your office straight after your meeting, you can get on with the work you planned to do during the day. This is especially useful if you have a deadline to meet. You don’t need to waste any time on travelling until later in the day.

If you need to print anything or photocopy documents, just ask the reception who will print or make photocopies for you, charging you on a per-sheet basis.

Hot desking vs working in a coffee shop

Hot desking provides a good alternative to working in a coffee shop. It’s quieter with fewer distractions; there is a professional atmosphere; and you can network and collaborate with like-minded people, rather than just people-watch.

If you do fancy a coffee or lunch, you can take a break from your laptop and chill out in the on-site café.

Hot desking vs renting a small office

Hot desking is less expensive and much more flexible than renting a small office. You can usually hot desk on a half-daily or daily basis, although it might also be possible to hot desk on an hourly basis.

You don’t need to commit yourself to anything more than the time you’ve booked the desk for, although you may benefit from a discount if you hot desk regularly.

Belonging to a community

If you hot desk in the same place on a regular basis, you’ll soon feel part of a community of people, whether they are fellow hot-deskers or the owners or employees of small and larger businesses renting serviced offices in the building.

Sometimes networking events or social events will be arranged. At other times, you’ll start chatting with people in the café, kitchen or corridors.

As well as meeting new business contacts, you’ll also talk with people who have different perspectives, different ideas and different ways of doing things. This will provide food for thought and spark ideas on how you could improve and drive forward your own business.

Even hot desking for one day per week can benefit you and your business. You’ll feel refreshed and more motivated after working in a professional atmosphere and meeting new people. This will have a positive impact upon your productivity and may lead your business into new, unexpected directions.

Become a digital nomad, even if it’s just for a day in your home town!

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